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Elaine Lou, LLC

Elaine Lou Cartas is a Business and Executive Career Coach for WOC and allies.
elaine lou cartas smiling in a headshot

I have gone through 3 tax accountants before working with Evolved Finance. With my past tax accountants – there were so many mistakes, misunderstandings of what I do, and one time finding out I owed a certain amount a week before taxes were due. The experience with Evolved Finance has been the complete opposite, which I expect because I am also a happy bookkeeping client. The communication with Evolved Finance has been wonderful, they create a holistic financial plan for you to make the most out of your taxes with whatever given situation you are in. I get email responses within 24 hours (unless it’s the weekend), when I have questions about scary letters from the IRS they respond right away. And I also appreciate the tax strategy when it also comes to my investments.

Elaine Lou Cartas

CEO, Elaine Lou, LLC

Lean In- Make Bank, Inc.

Lean In. MAKE BANK. empowers therapists and social workers to reimagine their relationships with money, so they can help the clients they are truly passionate about serving without sacrificing their own wellbeing.
Tiffany McLain smiling in headshot

Increased confidence making financial decisions

I am not naturally a “numbers” person. My goal was to learn how to BECOME a numbers person so I could confidently make financial decisions in my business. The Evolved Finance team is helping me become that person. I can now go to my team and ask ALL the questions to help me decide where, when and how to invest in my business so I can build profitably and sustainably… while still taking calculated risks to get to the next level.

Tiffany McLain

Founder, Lean In- Make Bank, Inc.

Hey, Sleepy Baby

The team at Hey, Sleepy Baby help parents ditch the stress and pressure surrounding baby sleep so that they can find solutions that work without compromising their parenting style.

I have all of my financial needs covered for my business without even having to think about it!

Working with Evolved Finance for bookkeeping has been a game changer in my business, and now that they offer tax services it’s truly like a one stop shop! I have all of my financial needs covered for my business without even having to think about it- my team members take over everything and really know their stuff! They find creative ways to save me not only money, but time, which is so important as an entrepreneur. I can’t recommend them enough!

Rachael Shepard-Ohta

Founder & Owner, Hey, Sleepy Baby

Burrows Consulting

Burrows Consulting helps build healthy communities through their healthcare consulting and grant writing services.
Elizabeth Burrows smiling in her headshot

Evolved Finance has a data-driven approach

Evolved Finance has helped me make data-driven decisions to grow my business in a quick and efficient manner. The responsiveness their team provides is unparalleled and everyone goes above and beyond to meet my needs.

Elizabeth Burrows

Founder, Burrows Consulting

Above Health Nutrition

Above Health Nutrition helps clients to eliminate symptoms of IBS and other digestive issues through functional medicine.
abigail hueber smiling at the camera

Simplified taxes

Evolved Finance has helped me to feel organized in my business and better understand where my money is coming from and where it is going through their bookkeeping services that provide monthly breakdowns. Having Evolved Finance as my bookkeepers has made preparing for taxes so much easier and has taken a whole area of my business that I didn’t enjoy managing off of my plate. I would recommend Evolved Finance to anyone who is a small business owner, so you can stop working just in your business and get better perspective to work on your business.

Abigail Hueber

Founder, Above Health Nutrition

Raising Superkids LLC

Raising Superkids LLC offers empowering solutions for parents struggling with challenging behavior in their children.
jason abraham headshot

Evolved Finance always exceeds expectations

Evolved Finance has been a god-send to work with. Every single interaction with the Evolved Finance team, from our bookkeeper, to account manager, to the owners of the company has been beyond my wildest expectations. I can’t thank them enough for the service they provide for our company.

Jason Abraham

COO, Raising Superkids LLC

The Wave Podcasting

The Wave helps women tell their unique stories through podcasting by providing audio editing, educational resources, and digital community.
Lauren Popish smiling in headshot

Expert tax management support

The peace of mind I have experienced knowing the team from Evolved Finance is managing my taxes, from quarterly filing to end-of-year returns, has been indescribable. This team knows my business intimately and is able to help me implement a tax strategy that is most advantageous for my small business. Taxes are no longer something I have to worry about because I’ve got the best team possible on my side.

Lauren Popish

Founder and CEO, The Wave Podcasting

Our Sacred Rhythm

Our Sacred Rhythm offers transformative healing practices, lifestyle rituals, and somatic therapies that help people heal from trauma, and other stuck places, in order to regain vitality and live a life most aligned with who they really are.
Karin Robbins headshot

transformed my bookkeeping experience

I am so grateful for Evolved Finance and their entire team. Prior to working with them I was ongoingly stressed out and behind on my bookkeeping. This is without question one of the best investments I have ever made in my business. They are always on time with my monthly reports, respond quickly and thoroughly to emails, and are always available to help me understand things or answer questions. There are so many additional resources available with Evolved Finance including twice weekly group calls to chat directly on Zoom, and a whole library of educational support. Tax season is a huge relief for me now, they handle everything and make sure it arrives on time for my accountant. Plus, they are all around wonderful humans. Evolved Finance has my highest recommendation possible, do yourself a favor and work with them.

Karin Robbins

Somatic Therapist and Coach, Our Sacred Rhythm

Reading Simplified

Reading Simplified supports teachers and parents to streamline reading instruction AND accelerate readers' achievement.
Marnie Ginsberg headshot

provides exceptional service and simplifies bookkeeping for busy business owners

If only I had found Evolved Finance years ago! I’m thrilled with the excellence they provide and the ease they grant me as a busy owner. We are even learning more about business development in this community….this is Not Your Average Bookkeeping Service!

Marnie Ginseberg

CEO, Reading Simplified

Walker Strategy Co.

Walker Strategy Co. helps therapists and counselors grow their private practices using marketing methods grounded in empathy and authenticity.
Anna Walker smiling in headshot

On-time tax filing with exceptional support

Not only were all of my taxes prepared on time, but I felt incredibly well-supported by the entire Evolved Finance team. No question was too silly to ask, and the team went above and beyond to make sure every part of the prep went as smoothly as possible.

Anna Walker

CEO & Founder, Walker Strategy Co.

The Book Incubator

Mary is an online writing coach who helps aspiring and established authors write through resistance and finish their books by finding a creative process that works for them through her signature program, The Book Incubator™.
Mary Adkins headshot

frees up time and reduces stress by handling financial tasks

If not for Evolved Finance, I wouldn’t be able to focus my time and attention on the parts of my business that excite me. I’m so grateful to the Evolved Finance team for giving me the time, space, and confidence in them to concentrate on my clients and their work.

Mary Adkins

Author & Writing Coach, The Book Incubator

Recurring Profit

Haley helped service and course based entrepreneurs create consistent sales machines even if they had a small audience.
Haley Burkhead smiling in headshot

reduced the time spent analyzing finances

The Evolved Finance Team has helped tremendously with the amount of time we spend each month having to think and analyze financial data. It now takes us under 20 minutes, whereas before it took hours. The amount of energy their service has freed up for us has been a game-changer. Because of them we went from a low 6 figure business to a 7 figure business within a year of working with them.

Haley Burkhead

Creator, Recurring Profit

Julie Solomon is a brand and pitch expert, coach, and host of The Influencer Podcast. She helps women turn messages into movements and empowers entrepreneurs to grow their influence and impact through her work.
julie solomon headshot

invaluable asset for the business

Parker and the Evolved Finance team have been a true asset to my business in handling our bookkeeping. They are thorough, extremely responsive and communicative, and go above and beyond in their attention to detail. They walked me through our P&Ls to help me understand every detail of my financials and even worked with me to align on strategic methods. They understand the online industry better than most. Within just a few weeks of working with the Evolved Finance team, they were handling our financials like a well-oiled machine. I couldn’t be more confident in recommending them.

Julie Solomon


St. Monday Inc. / Laura Doyle Connect

Laura Doyle Connect is an international relationship coaching school.
Kathy Murray smiling in her headshot

Timely reports

We are grateful beyond words for the dedicated service and support we receive from Evolved Finance. Best decision we’ve made! We love Evolved Finance because reports are done on a timely basis and provide us with the necessary information we need to make informed, timely business decisions without being a bottle neck in the process of closing our books.

Kathy Murray

CEO, St. Monday Inc. / Laura Doyle Connect

Melyssa Griffin helps bloggers and creative entrepreneurs stand out online and grow their income.
melyssa griffin headshot

essential financial organization, interpretation, and strategic insights

Parker and Corey have made a HUGE difference for my business. They not only help me organize and interpret my finances (which is essential for tax time and something I was doing very poorly before), but they’ve shown me how to make powerful financial decisions, leading to significantly more growth. They’re like rockstar CFOs who help you make smart choices to grow and manage your business.

Melyssa Griffin


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