Evolved Finance is a bookkeeping and business education company dedicated to helping online entrepreneurs create profitable and healthy businesses.

Founded in 2010, Evolved Finance began as a small,
boutique bookkeeping firm and is now the go-to
financial team for some of the most successful and
well-known online businesses in the industry.
Our focus on serving online entrepreneurs has
allowed us to provide a customer focused
bookkeeping experience that goes beyond just
preparing for tax season.

What you should know about us

Meet our team

Parker Stevenson Partner & Chief Business Officer

Corey Whitaker Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Susan Odle Bookkeeping Manager

Anna Whitaker Co-Founder

David Callahan Account Manager

Wendy Schawang Account Manager

Charese Parran Account Manager

Rebecca Martin Account Manager

Dana Steele
Bookkeeping Specialist

Andrea Segovia Bookkeeping Specialist

Ryan Lanci Bookkeeping Specialist

Dave Hardgrove
Bookkeeping Specialist

Claudia Renteria Bookkeeping Specialist

Dana Wilcox Bookkeeping Specialist

Benji LeCompte Operations Manager

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