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Melissa Dlugolecki on the The Bottom Line Podcast

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TBL Episode 225: Melissa Dlugolecki – Founder of MD Coaching & Consulting

October 30, 2023

“Money will fuel things, just like food will fuel things. So I see money as an energy source now rather than something that should be feared.”

This week, Parker chats with Melissa Dlugolecki about her financial journey.

Melissa Dlugolecki is a “regular person” who has created “irregular results”. As a bereaved mother, she worked through the overwhelming pain of her grief and now hosts a globally top ranked podcast, Grief and Guts, which is designed to show people what is possible for them, no matter what their circumstances are.

Her work’s mission is to show people their possibility through entrepreneurship, as she coaches and consults on business strategy, bringing creative ideas and always grounds into authenticity. She has built her own 6 & 7-figure businesses and has coached over 1000 others into their dream life.

Melissa’s entrepreneurial journey is both fascinating and full of surprises. Not only did she start amidst a painful grief journey, she was 100K in debt at the time she invested in her first business coach. As a former high school educator, her knowledge of business blended with her resilience and ability to teach others has been the perfect recipe for an incredibly unique, and powerful, path. In addition to building a business empire, she signed a publishing contract with Mike Michalowicz, New York Times best-selling author who has built several multi-million dollar companies and is currently working on her second book.

The Bottom Line by Evolved Finance explores the financial journeys of some of the most successful online educators, thought leaders, influencers, and service providers in the online space. Every other week, Parker sits down with a current Evolved Finance client to talk about their relationship with money and how their mindset has changed as their business has grown.

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