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Jamie Dubose on the The Bottom Line Podcast

Online Business Tips & Advice

TBL Episode 218: Jamie DuBose – Founder of

July 25, 2023

“I realized the massive potential, and the freedom and flexibility, that came from starting a business and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

This week, Parker chats with Jamie DuBose about her financial journey.

Jamie is an Email Revenue Strategist and the Founder and CEO of, a digital marketing agency that helps business owners monetize their email list — without being weird or pushy.

She helps service providers create and implement marketing strategies that are aligned with their vision and values instead of following a “one size fits all” approach to digital marketing & sales.

Jamie is also a Navy wife and mom to 3 kids and 4 dogs and 1 cat, all of whom keep her lots of company while she’s supporting clients from her home office in San Diego, CA.

The Bottom Line by Evolved Finance explores the financial journeys of some of the most successful online educators, thought leaders, influencers, and service providers in the online space. Each week, Parker sits down with a current Evolved Finance client to talk about their relationship with money and how their mindset has changed as their business has grown.

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