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Katie Glassman on the The Bottom Line Podcast by Evolved Finance

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TBL Episode 213: Katie Glassman – Founder of Fiddle School

May 9, 2023

“I was the type of person that going into debt was the only way that I could get to where I am today… now I have a much different view, I am definitely a saver nowadays.”

This week, Parker chats with Katie Glassman about her financial journey.

Katie is that rare musician who possesses a combination of instrumental virtuosity and powerful musical expression. Holding six national championship titles, she is one of the country’s most renowned and decorated Texas-style and swing fiddlers, as well as an accomplished songwriter, singer, and a highly sought after teacher.

Over the years touring included playing at the Library of Congress, Festivals for the National Coalition of Traditional Arts, Australia, Italy, and France, and, oh a different state or country every weekend. Over this time, Katie recorded and released 5 full length albums!

In 2018, Katie opened as a resource to make the art of fiddling more accessible. Gaining so much fulfillment from teaching, she decided to take a break from touring and performing to build Fiddle School into a thriving community.

Today, Fiddle School is a complete method for learning how to play the fiddle with an international community spanning the United States and four countries. Fiddle School has brought fiddling into the hands of folks who’ve dreamed of playing all their life, played as a kid and are returning to the instrument, and experienced players ready to level up. In 2023, Katie will be releasing Fiddle School Kids with a formal teacher training program.

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