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Parker Stevenson on the The Bottom Line Podcast by Evolved Finance

Online Business Tips & Advice

TBL Episode 205: Parker Stevenson – Partner and Chief Business Officer of Evolved

January 17, 2023

“I love the skills I’ve learned. I love to be able to talk about something that’s complicated for a lot of other people and make it simpler for them.”

This week, Whitney chats with Parker Stevenson about his financial journey.

Parker is the Chief Business Officer at Evolved Finance; a bookkeeping firm that specializes in helping online entrepreneurs to build more profitable and financially stable online businesses.

For over 8 years, Parker has been advising some of the top coaches, course creators, influencers, and thought leaders on how to make more sound business decisions using their financial data. Before joining Evolved Finance, Parker spent five years at Adidas America where he became the US product manager for golf footwear.

The Bottom Line by Evolved Finance explores the financial journeys of some of the most successful online educators, thought leaders, influencers, and service providers in the online space. Each week, Parker sits down with a current Evolved Finance client to talk about their relationship with money and how their mindset has changed as their business has grown.

To learn more about Parker and Evolved Finance: