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TBL Episode 192: Marnie Ginsberg – Founder of Reading Simplified

July 19, 2022

Early in Marnie Ginsberg’s public school teaching career, she discovered that most of her 6th grade students were reading at least 2 years behind. And she had no idea how to rapidly shrink that gap. (A common experience she hears still to this day.) Thus began a career-long passion to discover the most efficient and effective approaches to teach anyone how to read.

After growing a successful private reading tutoring and consulting business, she studied literacy further through doctoral studies at the University of North Carolina. At UNC, she led the development of a unique, well-researched K-2 reading intervention, the Targeted Reading Intervention (TRI), that provides webcam-based PD and coaching to teachers who deliver instruction to struggling readers in their classrooms.

Through the experience of watching teachers all over the country implement the TRI and through ongoing study of the research, Marnie developed and now leads Reading Simplified—a streamlined approach to reading instruction for beginning and struggling readers that accelerates reading achievement.

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