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TBL Episode 176: Khalil and Kyara Uqdah – Founders of Charm City Buyers

March 28, 2022

The Bottom Line by Evolved Finance explores the financial journeys of some of the most successful online educators, thought leaders, influencers, and service providers in the online space. Each week, Parker sits down with a current Evolved Finance client to talk about their relationship with money and how their mindset has changed as their business has grown.

This week, Parker chats with Khalil and Kyara Uqdah.

Khalil & Kyara, aka Charm City Buyers, are passionate about changing the narrative in Baltimore and shifting generations by building wealth through real estate. From recent college grads to full time entrepreneurs, Khalil and Kyara have grown their 7-figure real estate empire all before the age of 30 (including buying the block) via the “School of Hard Knocks”. While it appears this duo has it all figured out, it’s their “real CEO”, daughter Mikayla who runs the show.

With a portfolio of 20+ rentals and an eye for great flip deals, Khalil & Kyara have their eyes set on showing the masses how to add value in the communities and combat the negative impacts of gentrification through ownership. They believe that through providing access to the right resources, guidance, and tools we can positively impact Baltimore and build wealth in our communities.

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