One Spreadsheet Changed My Life

I get it. A spreadsheet changing anyone's life sounds like overdramatic bull crap. I’d be skeptical too. 

But like many others, there was a point in my life where I completely ignored my finances because I did not want to face the reality that was in front of me. 

- I had no idea how much money I was spending on the different areas of my life (groceries, gas, entertainment, shopping, etc.) 

- I was spending all the money I made each month

- My savings account was non-existent, which left me without a safety net

- I had no financial goals other than to make more money

The hot mess I called my finances left me feeling ashamed, stressed, and concerned about my financial future.

I Changed My Relationship With Money, And So Can You

Before I created my first budget, I thought managing my money would be a complicated process. 

So like any rational human being, I decided that the best course of action would be to ignore my finances altogether. That would solve things!

Obviously, it did not solve things. It actually stressed me out even more because I wasn't saving any money each month. 

If my car needed work, I had a medical emergency, or I received an unexpected bill, I had to borrow money from friends or family, rack up credit card debt, or leave something else unpaid. 

I finally hit my breaking point and opened up an Excel spreadsheet to put together my first budget. 

And do you know what I realized? 

Budgeting is ridiculously easy.

The only reason I had been avoiding puting a budget together was because I knew that once I saw the numbers staring me in the face, I was going to have to get real about my spending habits.

That was over ten years ago.

That first budget was a game changer for me and I can't imagine my life without it. I kick myself when I think about all the years that passed where I wasn't using one. 

All because I was too afraid to be honest with myself about my financial situation.  

Not Just A Budget We Sell,

But A Budget We Use

Nobody teaches you about money. Unless you had a parent or mentor sit you down and show you how to manage your money, financial literacy is something you have to seek out yourself. 

That's why we're so excited to share The 20-Minute Budget with everyone we can. 

Not just because we've seen other people benefit from what we teach, but because both Corey and I are using this exact system to reach the most financially stable positions we've ever been in. 

Because of The 20-Minute Budget:

- We have clarity into how much money we're spending in all aspects of our lives, which allows us to make smarter purchasing decisions

- We know exactly how much money we need from our business to support our personal financial goals while leaving money left over to invest back into our business

- We have healthier spending habits and feel more prepared for bigger purchases, as well as unexpected expenses

- We know precisely how much of the income we receive from our business to save for taxes

The only way to take the stress and shame out of your personal finances is to create a budget, look at the numbers, and then take action to create a healthier financial situation for yourself. 

Everyone Needs A Personal Budget,

But Entrepreneurs Need Them Most

There are a few questions we repeatedly get from entrepreneurs when we do podcasts and webinars. 

- How much money should I pay myself? 

- How much money should I be investing in my business? 

- How much money does my business need to make before I can quit my day job? 

Unfortunately, these are questions we don't have universal answers for because so much depends on your personal financial situation. 

For instance:

  • Maybe you have a spouse or significant other whose income can support your monthly personal expenses so you can invest more profit back into your business
  • Maybe your personal financial situation demands that you make at least "X" amount of dollars from your business to ensure you're able to pay all of your personal bills
  • Maybe you're playing catch up on your personal financial goals or trying to pay off high interest debt, so you need to take more money out of the business than you otherwise would
  • Maybe you need to work part-time in order to keep your income more consistent while your business is still growing

The only way to answer these questions is to create your own personal budget so you can decide what's best for you. 

A Budget Shouldn't Be Time Consuming Or Overly Complicated

Ever heard the phrase "paralysis by analysis?"

It's exactly what happens when a budget gets too detailed and becomes a hassle to maintain.

That's why The 20-Minute Budget is such a unique budgeting tool.

  • The 20-Minute Budget has key features to help entrepreneurs easily track their income and the taxes they owe on that income
  • This tool takes only twenty minutes a month to maintain
  • All the math is done for you -- just plug in the numbers and let the spreadsheet work its magic
  • We teach our students to use bigger categories that cover more expenses so they aren't spending hours trying to track minor details, like how much they're spending on shampoo and toilet paper

The 20-Minute Budget was created specifically to provide the financial insights you need while limiting unnecessary busywork. 

One Hour Of Training

For A Lifetime Of Financial Awesome

We're finance guys, which means we don't like fluff. That's why we want to get your budget up and running as soon as possible so you can get the financial clarity you need and then get back to business. 

The 20-Minute Budget is designed to be a financial system that you can learn and execute quickly while providing you with just the right amount of insight into your finances, so you can make effective changes to your spending habits and easily track your progress.

By all means, if you have a financial epiphany and fall in love with your budget, then spend as much time as you like, but most entrepreneurs can expect to spend just a couple hours setting up their budgets and twenty minutes per month keeping them maintained. 

How The System Works

There are two pieces to The 20-Minute Budget:

- Learning how to set up your budget using the spreadsheet included in the course 

- Learning how to utilize your free account

As long as you have access to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets (free spreadsheet software from Google), as well as an internet connection so you can login to, you're going to have everything you need to crush it with your new budget.

The Support You Need

We know that this finance stuff can be a little intimidating at first. That's why all students in The 20-Minute Budget will receive access to a private Facebook group where they can get support and feedback from other students in the program.

We want nothing more than for our budgeting system to change your life the way it has changed ours.